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NOCO Hemp Expo Recap


The Bluebirds are back in the nest this week following an incredibly successful weekend at the NOCO Hemp Expo in Loveland, Colorado. For those who may not be familiar, the NOCO Hemp Expo is our industry’s Super Bowl. This year it featured more than 150 exhibitors, 75 educational speakers, workshops, and a B2B Industry Day. The Bluebirds were front and center at Booth 18 throughout the event. Networking with industry comrades, goofing around with consumers in our interactive photo booth, handing out samples, and starting meaningful conversations about how we share our light with others. A few of us were even lucky enough to walk around with Companion Oil, meeting all of the hemp-enthusiasts’ four-legged friends.

I’m fairly new to the industry. This was my first hemp conference and it was a truly affirming experience. The collaboration between companies to spread education and adoption of the endless benefits of industrial hemp is so encouraging – not to mention impressive. I’m proud to be working alongside such conscious companies as Dr. Bronner’s, Ambary Gardens, WillPower, and so many others! I’ve loved trying the many hemp products I picked up throughout the weekend. Among others, a CBD bath bomb, hand soap, and hemp ice cream sandwiches!

Speakers and Panels and More – Oh My!

Bluebird’s very own Michael Harinen was a featured speaker on the Hemp Retail Marketing and Placement Panel. He represented us beautifully, referencing our industry-leading quality control system and setting a high standard. Quinatzin De La Torre, Bluebird’s President, spoke on a panel assisting the attendees in demystifying many of the oft-confusing acronyms in this budding industry. I’m proud to work for a company recognized by others as subject matter experts in our field. I also attended Cannabinoids and Pro Football – A Natural Fit (Athletes for Care), a panel in which former professional athletes discussed their personal experience with cannabis, both hemp and marijuana. As a former college athlete, this was of particular interest to me. I believe it’s a topic that will receive widespread attention and growth in the near term.

Michael Harinen, CBO of Bluebird, speaking on the Hemp Marketing Panel.

I left Loveland on Saturday evening exhausted but feeling so fulfilled. If I could write the description for my dream job, this would be it. My first Expo validated what a special company Bluebird is, even in such a special industry. I love spreading our message of compassionate care and am looking forward to more!

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